At Holme Valley, we have a

Culture of Excellence

Pupil Voice

At Holme Valley we value pupil voice. All children in our school have a voice and the opportunity to play an active role in making decisions that affect their learning and well being. Pupil Voice is expressed in a variety of different ways and at different levels of school life. Holme Valley is special to me because we are given lots of responsibility and do lots of things that help younger children such as: reading leaders who read with year 1, buddies who help keep the school a safe place and librarians who encourage everyone to read different books.

Our teachers are so supportive and they push us to be the best of our ability. They want us to be the best we can be to achieve. They help us to keep going when things are challenging. They also make us feel safe and welcome, everyone here is so friendly.

Lessons can be challenging and that is what helps us learn new skills, but they are also fun too! I really like our science lessons as we do different experiments that are very exciting about the world and how things work. There are also lots of clubs you can take part in such as rugby, dance or art.

This year has been very exciting as we have set up our own school gardening committee and we look after the school garden at lunchtimes. This includes raking, planting and making sure everything is watered. We even researched plants and other items that we needed for the garden and visited a garden centre after school to buy the items. This made us all feel very grown up as we had to stick to our budget! All of the members in our committee want to help improve the school outdoor area and we have been working on a design for a new shed which will make the outdoor area even better.