Curriculum – RE

At Holme valley we understand the importance of children learning about different faiths and religions in order for them to participate fully in a multi-cultural and diverse society. We aim to ensure that all of our pupils develop an accurate knowledge and understanding of different religions, so that they understand what enables individuals and communities to live respectfully together.

We follow the locally agreed syllabus for religious education The strands within this scheme of work include celebrations, people, places, rituals and ceremonies, and writings. Children are given the opportunity to compare different religions and to explore their own beliefs. In Key Stage 1 children primarily study Christianity and Judaism, and in Key Stage 2 children are given the opportunity to explore different religions alongside Christianity including Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism.

We strongly believe in providing the children with first hand experiences of different religions and each year we hold a multi-cultural week. Children are given the opportunity to visit places of worship, including our local Christian church, the Mosque and the Gurdwara Sikh Temple. We warmly welcome visitors from different faith groups into our school also.